Clan Apis is the biography a honey bee named Nyuki. Written and drawn by biologist Jay Hosler, this story explores an elaborate insect society. Nyuki has a lot to learn about life in the hive and not much time to do it. But, with help of her sister Dvorah, a dung beetle named Sisyphus and a sarcastic flower named Bloomington, she might have a chance to figure it all out . 

    Clan Apis was a recipent of a 1998 Xeric Award and has been nominated for 3 Ignatz Awards (1999: Outstanding Series; 2000: Outstanding Series & Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection) and 3 Eisner Awards (2000: Best Limited Series, Best Title for a Younger Audience & Best Writer/Artist-Humor). To find out what all the fuss is about, just follow the links.

Clan Apis
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